Remo Guide

Society for Developmental Biology 80th Annual Meeting
July 12-16, 2021

Accessing Poster Sessions in Remo
  • All Attendees and poster presenters will access Poster Sessions through a link in the Whova agenda.

Creating Remo Account

  • After clicking on Poster Session link in Whova (or the direct link to Preview event), attendees will arrive at Remo landing page.
  • If the event has started, click "Join Event Now" otherwise click "Confirm my attendance"
  • Enter the same email address you are using for Whova and click "Continue"
  • If you already have a Remo account with that email address, enter your password.  If this is a new account, enter your name and create a password.
  • Note: If you have an existing Remo account under a different email address and would like to access SDB poster sessions in that account, contact [email protected].
  • You are now ready for SDB Annual Meeting Poster Sessions

Remo Poster Session Landing Page

Remo Landing Page

Enter E-mail Address
to Log in

Remo Log-in Page

New Accounts:
Enter Name and Password

 Create Account Page

  • When entering an event, click "Allow camera & microphone".
  • Test your camera and microphone. If needed, adjust the source of the camera, microphone, or speaker by clicking carrot next to the selected device.
  • When ready, click "Join Event".

Allow Camera
& Microphone

Test Camera, Microphone,
and Speaker

Join Event

Basic Remo Functions

  • All attendees enter Remo at a random table
  • Double click on desired table to move there
  • Maximum of 8 people per table
  • Elevator (on left) - Click on number to move to another floor
  • Camera & Microphone - Click camera and microphone icons to turn on and off
  • Chat - Click chat icon to send message to the table or an individual
  • Assigned Tables - Look for Table Number with Presenting Author Last Name
  • Poster Presenters -  Open poster PDF file. Click "Share" button , click "Window", select poster presentation window, and click "Share"
  • Switching Poster Sessions (Remo building) - Click purple "Go to Building A", "Go to Building B", or "Go to Building C". Window will open up. Click blue hyperlinked button to jump to new poster session building.
  • Help Desk - 1st floor of all buildings
  • Exhibitor Booths - 1st and 2nd floors
  • Open Tables - Look for table with Number Only or "Open Table"
  • Open Lounge Space - Upper Floors

Intro Video: How to Use Remo as an Attendee


Sharing Screen in Chrome Browser

Are you using a Chrome Browser? Struggling to share your screen?
You many need to change a security settings in your browser to allow screen recording within permissions.  Can also be within Mac System Preferences to allow Screen Recording for the chosen browser.