Hilde Mangold Symposium

The Society for Developmental Biology created the Hilde Mangold Symposium in order to highlight the great work of postdoctoral researchers at the SDB Annual Meeting.  The presenters are selected from submitted abstracts and chosen by a committee of their peers. The session is also chaired by postdocs.  The best postdoctoral presenter is chosen by faculty judges and receives a travel award of up to $1500 to a meeting or course of their choice.

Best Postdoctoral Presentation Winners

Lauren Walker, University of Pennsylvania
Symposium Sponsor: Developmental Dynamics

Rajendhran Rajakumar, McGill University
Symposium Sponsor: Developmental Dynamics

Jeff Rasmussen, University of Washington
Symposium Sponsor: Developmental Dynamics
Award Sponsor: Chroma Technology

Chi-Kuo Hu, Stanford University
Alejandro Burga, UCLA
Symposium Sponsor: Cardiovascular Systems, Inc


Yaniv Elkouby, University of Pennsylvania
Jacqueline Tabler, University of Texas, Austin
Symposium Sponsor: Developmental Dynamics
2nd Place Award Sponsor: genesis, The Journal of Genetics and Development


Peter Walentek, University of California, Berkeley
Symposium Sponsor: Developmental Dynamics
Award Sponsor: Aquarius Fish Systems, LLC


Andrea Wills, Stanford School of Medicine
Symposium Sponsor: Developmental Dynamics


Sunjin Lee-W├Âlfel, Yale University (1st)
Elizabeth Rideout, University of Calgary, Canada (1st)
David Matus, Duke University (2nd)
Symposium Sponsors: genesis and Developmental Dynamics
2nd Place Award Sponsor: National Institute of General Medical Sciences 50th Anniversary Award


Lena Ho, Institute of Medical Biology, Singapore
Symposium Sponsor: Genentech

Last Updated on 03/25/2021