SDB Academy Nomination

Nomination Process

Membership in the SDB Academy is achieved by election through the nomination process. Current SDB members at any level, in good standing, may nominate candidates for the Academy. Self-nominations are allowed in the interests of encouraging diversity among the nominee pool. Nominators will submit nomination information for the candidate by February 27, 2023, using the SDB Academy Nomination Form. Following the nomination, the SDB Academy Election Committee (AEC) will vet the candidates for eligibility and qualifications. After initial review, the AEC may contact finalists for additional information, such as a CV. The AEC selects up to ten candidates for approval by the Board of Directors. A maximum of ten Academy Members may be elected annually.

Past and Present SDB Presidents and Developmental Biology Editors-in-Chief will be appointed Honorary Members of the Academy. Conklin medalists, Lifetime Achievement awardees, and Hamburger Outstanding Educator Prize winners who meet the ten-year SDB full membership requirement will be appointed as Honorary Members of the Academy. The Honorary Members do not count toward the number of Elected Members each year.


A candidate must be an active SDB full or emeritus member with at least ten years as a full member. The AEC will ensure nominees meet the eligibility requirement.

Nomination Information

  • Nominator name and contact information.
  • Nominee name, professional title, affiliation, and contact email address.
  • Summary of the nominee’s contributions (up to 100 words). Contributions to developmental biology and excellence in professional activities include research, mentoring, teaching, and training, coupled with a record of engagement with and/or service to the Society. 

Nomination Deadline: February 27, 2023, 11:59 PM E.T.

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact Samantha Lee ([email protected]).