1:1 Packet Review

1:1 Packet Review

You’ve made the decision to go on the academic job market. You've taken the online course, GetHIRED! You’ve put together your packet—your CV, cover letter, and your research, teaching, and DEI statements. You understand you and you know what you bring to an institution, but how successfully have you communicated that?

Your packet is your first introduction to an institution. There is a good chance you’ve lost your ability to objectively see your packet through the eyes of hiring committees who don’t know you or your science.

Scientists helping scientists.

SDB has recruited members of the society who have been on hiring committees to serve as coaches for scientists on the academic job market. They have reviewed enough packets that they know the characteristics of packets that get put in the Yes, No, or Maybe piles. They know the traits of packets that get called for a phone screening and ultimately a campus visit. They can review your packet and give you feedback about how well you’ve communicated your science and what you bring to an institution, and overall, how an institution might perceive you as a colleague from this first read.

How 1:1 Coaching Works

  1. After completing an application to share a bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a job, SDB will match you with a coach.
  2. If you have any history with this coach and would prefer to not work with them, you may let SDB know and they will match you with a different coach.
  3. After you’ve agreed on a match, SDB will provide an e-introduction for you and your coach. You’ll submit your packet to your coach: cover letter, CV, and research, teaching, and DEI statements, as well as coordinate a 1-hour video conferencing call with your coach after they’ve had time to review your packet.
  4. At the 1-hour video conference meeting, your coach will offer you feedback on your packet and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Finally your coach will provide written feedback to you:
    1. What stands out as unique about you in your packet
    2. Your main research strength
    3. Weakest part of your package, along with a suggestion to de-emphasize this aspect
    4. Funding agencies that might be interested your work 
    5. Courses they think you would be ready to teach

Shared Agreements

The biology community is small. To protect the interests of you and your coach, there are some agreements you each make.

  • The work you and your coach do together is confidential. You agree that your coach may not write a recommendation letter on your behalf.
  • Your coach agrees to not discuss your application with anyone.
  • Coaches may not participate in this program during the period that their departments are accepting applications. 
  • Participation in the coaching session is not a guarantee that you will get a job.

Both you and your coach will sign a Participation Agreement after you’ve been matched.


Ready to Apply?

Click here to apply for this program. You’ll be prompted to answer some questions about yourself. Your answers will be used to match you with a mentor.