Postdoctoral Position in Mouse Heart Morphogenesis, Institut Pasteur Paris

Posted 10/13/2021

Funded postdoctoral position available at the Meilhac lab, Institut Pasteur and Institut Imagine, Paris, France (

Congenital heart defects are collectively common at birth but individually may correspond to rare disorders, requiring expert diagnosis. 80% of them remain unexplained. The Meilhac lab uses mouse as a model to elucidate basic mechanisms generating heart shape and show how anomalies in them can be associated with specific structural heart defects.
Previous work in the lab has identified the first model of a rare congenital heart defect, criss-cross heart, and analyzed the underlying embryological mechanisms. Since the causative gene is poorly characterized, a challenge is to understand its function in cardiac cells. The project will exploit interdisciplinary expertise at the forefront of developmental biology, computational science, pediatric cardiology and human genetics. Using cutting-edge technologies in omics and quantitative 3D imaging, the project will provide novel insights into basic morphogenesis mechanisms, while deciphering pathological processes in the heart, potentially relevant to a broader spectrum of diseases.

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV and contact details of 3 references to

Last Updated 10/13/2021