Professional Development and Education Committee

  • Nicole A. Theodosiou, Union College  (Chair, '25)
  • Kara Cerveny, Reed College ('25)
  • Eric Hastie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (’26)
  • Michael Klymkowsky, University of Colorado Boulder ('25)
  • Jamy Peng, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (’26)
  • Heather Ray, Idaho State University ('25)
  • Rachel Roberts-Galbraith, University of Georgia (’26)
  • Ida Chow (ex officio)


  1. Support the goals of the Society for Developmental Biology;
  2. Nurture the professional development of our membership and promote the range of employment opportunities available for developmental biologists at all stages of their careers; and
  3. Facilitate and encourage teaching and learning within and between the academic community and the public about developmental biology.

Programs & Initiatives