Inclusion and Outreach Committee

  • Crystal Rogers, University of California, Davis (Chair, '26)
  • Dan Bergstrahl, University of Rochester (’26)
  • Natalia Bottasso Arias, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical ('24)
  • Ellen LeMosy, Augusta University ('25)
  • Anita Quintana, University of Texas at El Paso ('25)
  • Nicolas Rohner, Stowers Institute for Medical Research ('26)
  • Valerie Tornini, Yale University ('24)
  • Ida Chow (ex officio)


The guiding principle for this committee is: “Development for all' – creating an environment where anyone interested in developmental biology and related disciplines is welcomed, supported and provided equal opportunity to excel.  The IOC, a standing committee with representation on the Board of Directors, will oversee the design and implementation of programs to be undertaken by the SDB that is aligned with this mission.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Maintain a culture within SDB that encourages and facilitates diversity and inclusion.
  2. Identify and dismantle barriers to entry, participation and retention within SDB.
  3. Work in partnership with other organizations and societies to maximize the effectiveness of inclusion and diversity initiatives in SDB and across disciplines.
  4. Promote training and participatory opportunities at annual SDB conferences.
  5. Work towards promoting greater representation and participation of individuals belonging to underrepresented groups in regional and national meetings, committees and governance processes.