Society for Developmental Biology 79th Annual Meeting ONLINE
July 9-15, 2020

New! SDB 79th Annual Meeting ONLINE Program

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Invited Speakers
Ehab Abouheif • Caroline Albertin • Ariel Bazzini • Kim Cooper • Claude Desplan • Stefano Di Talia • Jessica Feldman • Lillian Fritz-Laylin • Andrew Gillis • Valentina Greco • Annika Guse • Jo Handelsman • Adriana Harbuzariu • Brigid Hogan • Guo Huang • Emmitt Jolly • Celina Juliano • Neha Kamat • Raymond E. Keller • Nicole King • Joaquin Letelier • Chris Lowe • Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan • Ricardo Mallarino • Wallace Marshall • Natalia Pabon-Mora • Joe Parker • Nicolas Plachta • Manu Prakash • Guillermina Ramirez-San Juan • Robert Reed • Leslie Ries • Minna Roh-Johnson • Priya Shah • Jared Toettcher • Jean-Phillipe Vielle-Calzada • Virginia Weis • Andrew York • Yao-Wu Yuan

Presidential Symposium
Development at Multiple Scales: From Single Cells to Ecosystems

Plenary Session I
Visualizing the Agents of Developmental Processes

Plenary Session II
Genotype, Phenotype and Evolution

Special Interest Symposium
Confronting Bias in Scientific Language

Concurrent Sessions
On the Razor’s Edge: Cutting-Edge Tools for Developmental Biology • Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Role of Biodiversity in Developmental Biology • Finding a Partner: Evolution and Origins of Symbiosis • Pattern Formation Across Scales: Theory and Experiments • Regeneration: Bridging the Gap • The Biology of Aging • Seeing is Believing: Imaging Revolution • Developmental Biology and Global Health • Climate Change: Open Problems for Developmental Biologists • Embracing Multiple Scales: Grand Challenges in Developmental Biology • Cells on the Move: Individual and Collective Cell Migration • Organoids: A Window to Developmental Processes

Poster Sessions
Check out the Virtual Poster Sessions page.

Other Highlights
Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Symposium • SDB Award Lectures • Education and Technical Workshops • Theme Tables • Tutorials • Satellite Symposia • Best Student (undergraduate and graduate) Poster Competition • Best Postdoctoral Presentation Competition