Information about SDB 6th Boot Camp for New Faculty

SDB 6th Boot Camp for New Faculty
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

August 3-4, 2016

Boot Camp Drill Sergeants: William J. Anderson (HSCRB) and Randy Daughters (Macalester College)

This Boot Camp is designed for developmental biologists at a relatively early stage of their careers: untenured faculty and advanced postdoctoral fellows about to enter their first academic position.  The goals of the camp are to improve attendees' leadership and management skills; introduce best practices on effective teaching, mentoring and grant-writing; and explore potential resources for developmental biology lab courses/research using different model organisms (planarian, axolotl, beetle, mammalian cell cultures) and current technologies (CRISPR, imaging, computational biology/bioinformatics).  The Camp is offered biennially by SDB’s Professional Development and Education Committee (PDEC), with partial support from SDB’s official journal Developmental Biology

This year, the Harvard Department of Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology (HSCRB) will host the Boot Camp and provide meeting space and lab facilities.  Selected Harvard faculty will co-teach the sessions with PDEC members.  The Camp will start the morning of August 3 and will end at lunch on August 4.  Capacity for the camp is 20 and participation is restricted to current SDB members (2016 dues paid!).  The Camp is offered free of charge and recruits may request housing reimbursement for two nights.  A limited amount of travel assistance is also available through the SDB Teaching/Junior Faculty Travel Grant.  Please see the tentative agenda for the 2016 Boot Camp and submit the completed Application form by May 27, 2016.