SDB Innovation Grant

The Society for Developmental Biology Innovation Grant was established in 2016 to provide seed funds for those seeking to develop innovative tools and methods with the potential to have a broad impact on the developmental biology community. This work can include devices, software, novel methods, or new reagents, but is not intended to support training or the application of existing technologies. Projects that would not necessarily be supported through other means are given preference.  Graduate student, postdoctoral fellow and full SDB members are all eligible.  Deadlines are December 1 and May 31.  (Please note, if two grants are awarded from the December 1 deadline, then we will not be taking applications for May 31. Therefore, we strongly advise you to submit your application by the December 1 deadline).

Submission Guidelines

2016 Recipient


Kentaro Noma
Postdoctoral Fellow,
University of California, San Diego
Advisor: Yishi Jin

Optogenetic mutagenesis to discover functional targets of transcription factors
Transcription factors (TFs) are critical for the development of any organism. A single TF can regulate the expression of hundreds of target genes. Currently, popular methods used to identify TF targets are largely based on DNA binding of TFs or transcriptome analyses. Such approaches often require additional experiments to validate the in vivo functional relevance for potential targets. Here, I propose a novel approach to identify TF targets based on detectable mutant phenotypes. Using a recently developed optogenetic mutagenesis, I will test the feasibility of mutating TF targets and subsequently screen for their phenotypes in C. elegans. This novel approach will contribute to our understanding of the transcriptional regulation during animal development as well as expand our molecular and genetic toolbox.

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