2024 SDB Election Results


The Society for Developmental Biology would like to congratulate the newly elected members of the SDB Board of Directors. Their terms will begin immediately following the SDB 83rd Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.




headshot of Richard Behringer

Richard Behringer

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  headshot of Rebecca Burdine

Rebecca Burdine

Princeton University

Trainee Representative
(Graduate Student)


Canada Representative

headshot of Yesica Mercado-Ayon

Yesica Mercado-Ayon

University of California, Los Angeles
  headshot of Guy Tanentzapf

Guy Tanentzapf

University of British Columbia

Northwest Representative


Southeast Representative

headshot of Billie J. Swalla

Billie J. Swalla

University of Washington
  headshot of Ankur Saxena

Ankur Saxena

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Last Updated 07/01/2024