Assistant Professor – Developmental Biology

Florida Gulf Coast University

Fort Myers, FL

Posted 11/22/2023

The Department of Biological Sciences ( at Florida Gulf Coast University invites applicants for an Assistant Professor position in Developmental Biology.

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) is a comprehensive university dedicated to quality education, research, and service. FGCU is also an emerging Hispanic Serving Institute (eHSI) and is putting plans to action that will help students become the best versions of themselves. The Department of Biological Sciences and FGCU provide unique opportunities for candidates interested in this position. On an average year, we support 900 undergraduate students and 15 – 25 Master students. Departmental faculty possess diverse scholarly interests such as molecular, genetic, organismal, ecological, and evolutionary pursuits as well as community-engaged research and SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning). Faculty also provide diverse learning opportunities that run the range of Bloom’s taxonomy (from recall to creation) and employ different approaches to include integrated lab-lectures, active-learning, and Course-embedded Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs). Faculty, staff, and students also partner extensively with the community members, which supports the university’s sustainability and service-learning goals. This is a special place for people who want to connect their teaching, research, and service.

The ideal candidate would possess a strong interest in molecular and/or evolutionary approaches to developmental biology. They should demonstrate a genuine commitment to student-centered education, prioritizing the growth and development of their students. This candidate should have a proven ability to foster collaboration that could include partnerships within or outside of the discipline. Moreover, they should display a capacity for innovative thinking, actively contributing to creative endeavors that enhance student learning experiences and elevate the research profile of the department. This individual would embody a multifaceted approach to developmental biology, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge research, effective teaching, and collaborative engagement to enrich the academic environment at FGCU.


Last Updated 11/22/2023