Associate Research Scientist

Columbia University

New York, NY

Posted 11/16/2023

The Kasza Lab is focused on experimental investigations into how mechanical and biological cues help coordinate cell behaviors during tissue morphogenesis in developing embryos, with a focus on epithelial morphogenesis in model organisms. The group combines approaches from developmental biology, engineering, and physics to build a quantitative, mechanistic understanding of these multicellular systems. The Dumitrascu Lab is focused on developing the statistical machine learning foundations of developmental biology, with the broader goal of disentangling genomic, mechanical and morphological cues contributing to pattern formation and self-organization in early development, across multiple species. The current focus of the group is integrating multi-omic, mechanical and morphological measurements to understand the spatio-temporal organization of cellular aggregates in developmental contexts.

Contact: Flatra Morina [email protected]

Last Updated 11/16/2023