Strengthening PUI Support at SDB


Message from SDB PUI Representative, Olivia George

I hope you are having a fantastic fall semester. As your newly elected Primary Undergraduate Institution (PUI) Representative, I am excited to serve as a voice for PUI faculty and PUI-interested members.

PUI members of SDB enrich the undergraduate educational experience, train future researchers, and advance research, as evidenced by their recent focused sessions at the Chicago annual meeting. In the spirit of inclusivity and collaboration, we are launching a new initiative to better support PUI faculty and those connected to or collaborating with individuals at PUIs.

We will compile a list of PUI members and individuals interested in PUIs. This roster will serve as a tool to respond effectively to the needs and concerns of our PUI members. Furthermore, the PUI member listserv and a dedicated Slack channel will encourage frequent interactions year-round, in addition to our regional and annual meetings. Once established, the listserv will also help those looking to collaborate with PUI institutions and recruit undergraduate summer research assistants and/or future graduate students.

We welcome your participation in identifying PUI-affiliated members and those with an interest in PUIs within our organization. Please use the following form to submit your information and to sign up for our new PUI-specific listserv. PUIs can be defined as accredited colleges and universities, including two-year community colleges, that award Associate's, Bachelor's and/or Master's degrees. It also includes institutions that grant a minimal number of doctoral degrees. You can view NSF’s definition of PUIs here

Thank you for your participation. I look forward to hearing (and acting on) the feedback provided.


Kind regards,

Olivia George, Ph.D.
SDB PUI Representative

Last Updated 10/25/2023