Postdoctoral Researchers

The Nicoli Lab in the Department of Genetics and Medicine at Yale School of Medicine

New Haven, CT

Posted 10/23/2023

The Nicoli Lab in the Department of Genetics and Medicine (Section of Cardiology) at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut is seeking applications for postdoctoral researchers.

The Nicoli Lab studies how multi-cellular tissues are built and maintained. Tissue formation requires the coordination and regulation of complex cell behaviors through space and time. By combining in vivo and in vitro models of tissue growth (epithelial, connective, and nervous tissues) and regeneration together with state-of-the-art methods from cell biology, mechanobiology, bioengineering and more, the Nicoli lab has begun to unpick the mechanisms that underpin tissue formation and resilience against changing environments. Specifically, we discover how biological systems (cells, tissues, organisms) use canonical mechanism of post-transcriptional regulation to become resilient to macro-perturbations like oxygen tension or temperature, mechanical stresses, or to micro-perturbations caused by the effect of genetic variants, and to stem cells niche morphogens. Scan QR code to learn about our research publications.

Our next ambition is to 1) build resilient tissues and organisms using new mechanism of function for cytoplasmic mRNA (e.g., selective translation, transport, phase separation, localization); 2) define mechanism of sexual dimorphism and how their influence susceptibility to environments.

Previous training in Bioengineering, Biomechanics, and/or RNA biology are preferable. Candidates from underrepresented group and/or with record of academic achievements (e.g first author publications or preprints) are strongly encouraged to apply. Please send your CV with a cover letter to [email protected], @NicoliLab.

Last Updated 10/23/2023