Postdoctoral Position in Cardiac Development

Children’s National Research Institute

Washington, DC

Posted 8/31/2023

An NIH-funded postdoctoral fellow position is available to study the mechanisms underlying gene-environment interactions leading to Congenital Heart Defects. Many non-syndromic structural birth defects have complex causes where genetic and environmental factors interact to cause disease. To reduce risks, it is critical to understand how these interactions affect embryonic development. The Zohn laboratory has established a new mouse model to study the mechanisms underlying gene-environment interactions and congenital heart defects. This project aims to achieve two objectives: 1) to determine how gene-environment converges on cardiac progenitors to cause CHDs and 2) to elucidate how diverse genetic mutations interact differently with environmental factors. The project will utilize sophisticated mouse genetics, gene expression, and bioinformatic and phenotypic analysis to address these questions. While previous experience with these approaches is appreciated, it is not necessary because my laboratory is equipped with the relevant expertise and can provide training to the right candidate. As a mentor, I aim to assist my trainees in their intellectual and professional growth and enable them to achieve their desired career objectives.

The Children's National Research Institute is part of the Children's National Hospital and aims to improve children's health through research and innovation. The laboratory is located at the historic Walter Reed Campus in Washington, D.C., near the NIH, FDA, and local universities. For more information, please contact: Dr. Irene Zohn [email protected].

Last Updated 08/31/2023