Comparative and multi-species models of brain development

Northwestern University

Chicago, IL

Posted 5/22/2023

Are you interested to join our developmental neurobiology team with a focus on mammalian brain development (and how we can use our basic science models to learn more about brain disease in children)? Current NIH funded projects examine the role of ion channel proteins in the prenatal brain, specifically as is relates to improper cortex formation. For more info please see

Research methods available to you (and we offer extensive trining): in utero genetic manipulation (Ferret, mouse and/or human organoids), single cell sequencing (transcriptome/ATAC), cerebral organoid generation, High content confocal microscopy, patch-clamp electrophysiology,  2-photon imaging, calcium/voltage imaging, and several molecular biology approaches.
Prospective applicants can send an email to richard.smith {at} with a CV and brief statement of interest in the lab. We are excited to meet you, particularly if you are interested in a “field change”, and we can combine expertise to do novel research together, and have a distinct “niche” for your transition to independence.


Last Updated 05/22/2023