Post-doctoral position in Neural Circuit Development

University of Missouri Kansas City

Kansas City, MO

Posted 5/22/2023

Join our team if you are interested in investigating the following questions.

  • Is there a logic to the functional organization of the nervous system?
  • Do lineally related neurons (progeny of the same stem cell) function in the same neural circuit?
  • A stem cell can generate multiple subclasses of neurons, usually set by their birth order. Do distinct neuronal subclasses within a lineage function as modular units within a neural circuit to control different aspects of a specific behavior?
  • What are molecular players dictating the formation of neural circuits?

The Lacin lab (Division of Biological and Biomedical Systems, School of Science and Engineering at UMKC) is seeking a highly motivated candidate with preferred experience in multi-disciplines (Genetics, Neuroscience, and Molecular Biology) to run projects funded by an RO1 grant.

The candidate will also be encouraged to develop highly impactful projects based on their research interests. As the Lacin lab and UMKC, we will help the candidate’s professional development towards their preferred career.

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Last Updated 05/22/2023