Postdoctoral Position in Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Fish, INSPIRE Program

Rutgers University

Rutgers, NJ

Posted 5/19/2023

The Nakamura lab in Department of Genetics at Rutgers university is looking for a postdoctoral fellow in evolutionary developmental biology (70% research and 30% teaching in INSPIRE program). The long-term goal of Nakamura lab is to identify genetic mechanisms underlying fish diversity and its contribution to the fish-to-tetrapod transition. We are currently interested in how fin skeletons diversify and how fish fins evolved into tetrapod limbs. To this end, we bridge genetics, genomics, and embryology using model and non-model organisms, such as zebrafish, skates, and sharks.
A candidate will apply to INSPIRE program which supports salary up to three years, with health insurance and travel funds. INSPIRE fellows spend 70% of their time for conducting research and 30% in educational training. 70% of fellows obtained tenure-track academic positions. (

Interested applicants should send a curriculum vitae and brief statement of current research to [email protected] (Tetsuya Nakamura).


Last Updated 05/19/2023