Genome Analyst at Xenbase

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati, OH

Posted 5/19/2023

Xenbase ( is the online Xenopus bioinformatics and genomics resources used by biomedical researchers worldwide and is funded by the NIH/ NICHD. Xenopus is a major model for studying genomics, cell and developmental biology and modeling human disease. We are seeking a Biocurator Analyst and a Genome Analyst to join the Xenbase team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati OH USA (PI: Dr. Aaron Zorn).

Genome Analyst: This position involves management and “wrangling” of genomic data, genome annotation, gene nomenclature, orthology and genomic synteny analysis, preparing data export files.

Qualifications & Experience

  • MSc or PhD degree in bioinformatics and genomics .
  • Experience working with genomic data, programming languages such Python, PERL, R.
  • Experience with standard bioinformatic tools, analyses, and file formats (JBrowse, BLAST, BLAT, multi-sequence alignments, GFF, GTF, etc) .

How to Apply:
Please submit your application by May 31st, 2023, to [email protected]

Include the following information:

  • A cover letter, including a statement of interest/purpose.
  • CV/Resume
  • Copy of your degree(s)
  • List 3 references/referees whom we may contact (please include their postal address, email, and phone number).


Last Updated 05/19/2023