Postdoctoral Positions in the Piotrowski lab to study sensory organ regeneration and development

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Kansas City, MO

Posted 5/1/2023

The Piotrowski lab is seeking postdocs who are interested in sensory organ development and regeneration, innate immune system, transcriptomics, epigenetics or collective cell migration using the zebrafish lateral line as a model. Lateral line hair cells are homologous to mammalian inner ear hair cells, however mammals do not regenerate hair cells leading to deafness. We have performed scRNASeq, epigenetic and immune cell characterizations, and time lapse analyses at unprecedented resolution (Jiang et al., PNAS 2014; Romero-Carvajal et al., Dev Cell 2015; Baek et al., Dev Cell 2022; Denans et al., Nat. Commun. 2022). We are equally interested in the mechanisms that underlie the development of the lateral line system, such as collective cell migration, cell specification and morphogenesis.

We are inviting applications from highly motivated candidates to mine this wealth of data to establish their own research program.

The training program at the Stowers Institute ( positions postdoctoral fellows for successful independent scientific careers. Through access to technology and resources, individualized career support and a collegial community, Stowers Institute provides an unparalleled training experience to obtain the necessary skills early career scientists need to excel on their own. The positions are fully funded with a competitive salary.

Please send your CV, statement of research interests, and names of three referees to [email protected].


Last Updated 05/01/2023