Postdoctoral Position in Craniofacial Development

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

Posted 4/20/2023

A postdoctoral position is available in the lab of Andy Groves at Baylor College of Medicine to study the genetic basis of craniofacial abnormalities. We and our collaborators have shown that the Foxi3 transcription factor is implicated in human craniofacial microsomia, one of the most common craniofacial defects (Mao et al., 2023; Nature Communications A variety of projects are available to expand on our recent findings, such as using transcriptomic and epigenetic analysis to understand the mechanism of Foxi3 in craniofacial development, modeling human pathogenic variants of Foxi3 in mice, and identifying other craniofacial microsomia candidates that are part of the Foxi3 gene regulatory or signaling networks.

Baylor College of Medicine has a wide range of core labs, excellent genetically modified mouse facilities and opportunities for collaboration both within Baylor and the wider Texas Medical Center. Please send a CV including names and contact details of references to Andy Groves at [email protected]

Last Updated 04/20/2023