Postdoc Position

Qatar University

Doha, Qatar

Posted 2/13/2023

Postdoc position is available at Qatar University Biomedical Research Center Zebrafish Facility, under supervision of Prof. Huseyin Yalcin to study cardiac defects using Zebrafish model. Zebrafish investigations in the center are mostly being conducted under international collaborations. One ongoing collaboration is with Prof. Ramani Ramchandran, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA, to study endothelial cilia function in cardiovascular diseases. The postdoctoral researcher will be generating as well as working with several mutant/transgenic lines as part of the cilia project and to support other ongoing investigations in the center. For this position, opportunities to gain expertise in Dr Yalcin`s lab and Dr Ramchandran`s lab exist. Candidate must have a solid background on zebrafish cardiac research. Prior experience in genetic approaches such as Crispr, Talen and Morpholino and expertise in microscopy and molecular biology techniques with Zebrafish are required. Embryo/adult zebrafish handling and maintenance experience is also required.

Position is for 2 years. A tax free competitive salary and benefit package will be provided.

For inquiries, please send your CV to Prof. Huseyin Yalcin at [email protected]

Reference papers for the cilia project:

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