Postdoctoral fellows or experienced technicians

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR

Posted 2/13/2023

Interested in using zebrafish to understand how host-resident microbes interact with the immune system to modulate neural development and behavior? The Eisen laboratory is looking for postdoctoral fellows or experienced technicians to pursue research that follows from our recent publication “The microbiota promotes social behavior by modulating microglial remodeling of forebrain neurons” (

The Eisen laboratory is part of the University of Oregon Institute of Neuroscience and the University of Oregon META Center for Systems Biology. Postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to work with people who have a broad variety of different backgrounds, including microbiology, cutting edge imaging and analysis, host-microbe interactions, neural development, and behavioral analysis.

Preferred education: PhD in cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, neurobiology, or related field or significant technical experience in a laboratory.

Preferred experience: Strong skills in molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, previous work with zebrafish.

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to: [email protected].

Last Updated 02/13/2023