Postdoctoral Position – Developmental Epigenomics – ZY Chen Lab

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, OH

Posted 1/26/2023

The Chen lab ( is looking for a postdoctoral fellow for a fully funded position studying epigenetic mechanisms in development.

Research Directions: We are interested in how epigenomic landscape is established during oogenesis and early development and how the epigenetic memories are maintained or reprogrammed during parental-to-zygotic transition. Some of Dr. Chen’s past work has explored oocyte H3K27me3-dependent non-canonical genomic imprinting (Chen et al., 2019 Science Advances, Chen et al, 2020 Nature Review Genetics), Polycomb landscape in early development (Chen et al., 2021 Nature Genetics), and mechanism of zygotic genome activation (Chen et al., 2019 Nature Genetics).

Approaches: We take a multi-disciplinary approach with a heavy focus on functional genomics. We routinely generate novel genetically modified mouse models for studying oogenesis and embryonic development. We are good at numerous epigenomic profiling technologies that can work with rare biological materials such as mouse oocytes and pre-implantation embryos. If needed, we invent new techniques to address interesting questions in developmental biology. In addition to in vivo models, we also use embryonic stem cells for genome-wide screening experiments and some mechanistic studies because they mimic early embryos to some extent and can be genetically engineered within a short period of time.

We believe you will be an excellent fit if you 1) • Have a Ph.D degree in reproductive sciences, developmental biology, epigenomics, or related fields and 2) Have strong communication skills and high self-motivation.
Prior experience in bioinformatics is preferred but not required.

Please send a cover letter detailing your past research accomplishments and future research goals, and your CV by email to ZY Chen, PhD, at [email protected].

To apply online, go to and search for requisition # 139595.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution


Last Updated 01/26/2023