Postdoctoral Position in Evolutionary Developmental Biology of Fish

Rutgers the State University of New Jersey

New Brunswick, NJ

Posted 11/30/2022

The Nakamura lab in Department of Genetics at Rutgers university has an NSF-supported postdoctoral position available. The long-term goal of Nakamura lab is to identify the genetic mechanisms underlying fish diversity and their contribution to the fish-to-tetrapod transition. We are particularly interested in how fish fin skeletons diversified and evolved into tetrapod limbs. To this end, we bridge functional genomics, genetics, and embryology using model and non-model organisms, including zebrafish, skates, and sharks. More information about ongoing research projects can be found on the lab website (

Candidates should have strong research records in any of the following areas: developmental biology, evolutionary biology, genomics, or other relevant fields. Our lab is a highly interdisciplinary environment, therefore, scientific curiosity and strong communication skills are necessary. Experience in zebrafish embryology, high-throughput sequencing, or bioinformatics data analysis is preferred, but not required.

Rutgers University is located in New Brunswick, NJ, which is only 45 minutes away from NYC by train. Many competitive research universities and institutes are in the Northeast area, offering remarkable opportunities for collaboration and research conferences. The Nakamura lab regularly visits the American Museum of Natural History ( and the Marine Biological laboratory ( for the purpose of analyzing unique specimens and educating students.

Candidates should send a curriculum vitae, brief statement of current research, and contact for three references to [email protected] (Tetsuya Nakamura).


Last Updated 11/30/2022