Postdoctoral Researcher for a Burroughs Wellcome Fund

University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Buffalo, NY

Posted 5/31/2022

The Lynch lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher for a Burroughs Wellcome Fund – Next Gen Pregnancy Initiative funded project to study evolution of human-specific pregnancy traits using organoid models of the maternal-fetal interface.

The Lynch lab uses evolutionary genomics and comparative cell biology to investigate the genetic and molecular mechanisms that underlie the developmental and evolutionary origins of endometrial stromal fibroblasts and decidual stromal cells, and how gene expression evolution in these cell-types give rise to adverse reproductive outcomes such as infertility, preeclampsia, and preterm birth. Specific research involves comparative genomics to identify gene expression changes at the maternal-fetal interface in humans compared to other species, particularly other primates, and modeling the consequences of these gene expression changes using organoid models of the human maternal-fetal interface. The postdoc can also develop new research directions consistent with these projects, such as the development of CRISPR genome editing and iPSC methods. Experience with cell culture is essential; Experience in generating iPS cells and CRISPR is preferred but not required. The postdoc will receive guidance and support for career development, tailored to long-term goals including both academic non-academic careers.

  • Ph.D. in biology (required)
  • Experience in cell culture (required)
  • Experience with CRISPR genome editing
  • Experience in developing iPS cells
  • Record of research productivity, including publications/preprints demonstrating skillsets (required)

Application materials:

  • CV (preprints encouraged to demonstrate skillsets)
  • Brief description of past and future research interests
  • Contact information for three references, upon request

Recent related publications:

The position is open immediately until filled, with a flexible start date, and anticipated to last for up to four years. Applications, questions, and informal inquiries are welcome and directed to Vincent Lynch at [email protected].

Last Updated 05/31/2022