Postdoctoral Researcher — Adult Stem Cell Biology — Parichy Lab

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

Posted 5/17/2022

A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the lab of Dr. David Parichy. The overarching goal of work is to understand mechanisms for establishing, maintaining, and recruiting adult stem cells during development, adult homeostasis, and regeneration. This project focuses on neural crest derivatives in the peripheral nervous system of zebrafish including neuronal, glial and pigmentary sublineages. Approaches will include timelapse and super-resolution imaging, single cell transcriptomics, transgenesis and genome editing. Experience with developmental biology is required; experience with zebrafish is not required. The lab has an exceptionally supportive training environment; postdocs receive mentoring in career development and are expected to take their projects to establish independent programs. The lab is equipped with all of its own infrastructure and instrumentation including super-resolution microscopes, Illumina sequencer and 10X Chromium controller, FACS, and dedicated fish room. To apply, submit on-line a cover letter detailing accomplishments and future goals, CV, and names of three references. Documents and queries may be sent to [email protected] but can only be reviewed if submitted through the hiring system.


Last Updated 05/17/2022