Postdoctoral position studying aneuploidy

Yale University

New Haven, CT

Posted 5/17/2022

The Sheltzer Lab at Yale University is seeking postdoctoral researchers for a funded project studying aneuploidy and development.

Aneuploidy is the most common cause of developmental disabilities and is found in 90% of human cancers. However, very little is known about why these alterations arise or how they influence cellular physiology. The Sheltzer Lab is pioneering new CRISPR-based chromosome-engineering methods to generate and interrogate large-scale gene dosage imbalances. These approaches are shedding light on multiple unexpected ways that aneuploidy can affect organismal biology. We are seeking postdocs who are interested in building on this research to develop new approaches to model aneuploidy and then use these techniques to study how aneuploidy influences development and disease.

More information on our research can be found in our lab’s publications, including:

The Sheltzer Lab is a highly-collaborative environment that values rigorous experimental design and that welcomes scientists from all backgrounds. We are located at Yale University, an internationally-renowned research university located in the historic city of New Haven, Connecticut. Yale has long been recognized as an outstanding environment for nurturing young scientists, with postdoctoral researchers being an integral part of the discovery process.

Additional information on research in the Sheltzer Lab can be found on our website: Candidates who are interested in applying to this position should send a CV and cover letter to Dr. Sheltzer at [email protected]

Last Updated 05/17/2022