Research Assistant, Geisel School of Medicine

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH

Posted 4/7/2022

A full-time aquatics facility research assistant is sought to oversee the aquatics facility, by independently providing care of zebrafish in a safe and sanitary manner in accordance with established federal, state, and local regulations, guidelines, and policies on the use of laboratory animals in the conduct of biomedical research. To perform daily feeding and maintenance tasks, troubleshooting and solving any problems that may arise. To provide support to research investigations, training to other technical staff and laboratory members and ordering of supplies. When appropriate, to assist in experiments to recover lines, genotype, and generate transgenic animals by applying established methods, procedures, and techniques in support of research studies directed at understanding zebrafish development and behavior.
Bachelor's degree with a major in biology preferred,  but not required. Training will be provided.

How To Apply:
Complete application HERE for a full description of this position and its requirements and to apply.

Contact [email protected] with questions regarding this position.


Last Updated 04/26/2022