Postdoctoral Positions in Heart Development and Regeneration

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, OH

Posted 4/6/2022

Postdoctoral positions are available in the Waxman lab at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  Congenital heart defects are very common in newborns. The Waxman Lab uses zebrafish as its primary model to elucidate mechanisms underlying normal and improper vertebrate heart development. Current research in the lab employs genetic, cellular, and molecular tools to elucidate signaling pathways and transcriptional determinants of vertebrate cardiac chamber size, valve maintenance, and regeneration.  
Ideal applicants are motivated, creative individuals that have recently obtained a PhD or will obtain a PhD in the near future with a desire to perform research in a fun, collaborative, and supportive lab environment. Candidates ideally will have experience with some molecular biology, genetic,  and imaging techniques from their graduate work. However, experience using zebrafish or studying the cardiovascular system is not a requirement.  
Interested applicants should email a PDF containing their CV, a statement describing their past research, and the names of at least three references to Joshua Waxman ([email protected]).
Joshua Waxman, PhD
Associate Professor
Molecular Cardiovascular Biology Division
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


Last Updated 04/27/2022