Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gibson Lab

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Kansas City, MO

Posted 2/23/2022

The Gibson Lab at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research has openings for postdoctoral researchers to develop independent projects investigating the molecular, genetic and cell biological mechanisms underlying coral-algal symbiosis in the rice coral Montipora capitata and/or any aspect of development or regeneration in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. The Gibson Lab has invested heavily in methods development over several years; new postdocs will be able to exploit established gain- and loss-of function pipelines and advanced bioinformatic infrastructure to interrogate symbiosis, development, or regeneration in these emerging cnidarian model systems. Specific research goals are flexible and can be fit to the interests of successful applicants. More details, including selected publications, can be found at

Contact: Matt Gibson [email protected]


Last Updated 04/27/2022