Graduate student position in cnidarian neuro-evo-devo, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Posted 10/15/2021

The Nakanishi lab at the University of Arkansas seeks applicants interested in pursuing an MS or PhD in biology to start in the Fall of 2022. The lab is interested in addressing fundamental questions in neural development, function, and evolution (“neuro-evo-devo”) by studying the biology of early-diverging animal groups – cnidarians (sea anemone and jellyfish) in particular. Current NSF-funded research projects in the lab use the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis to investigate 1) the mechanism by which a single transcription factor controls distinct sets of target genes in different neural cell types, and 2) the mechanism by which neuropeptides modulate the timing of life cycle transition. Students may work on these and related problems in neuro-evo-devo.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in biology or related field. An ideal candidate will have successfully completed undergraduate coursework in evolutionary biology and genetics. Research experiences in molecular biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, genomics/bioinformatics and/or microscopy techniques are preferred. Knowledge of invertebrate zoology is a plus but not required.

Application: The interested applicant should send an email to Nagayasu Nakanishi ( which includes a brief summary of your qualification, research interests and goals, your CV, copies of your academic transcripts, and GRE scores (if available).

Last Updated 10/15/2021