Postdoc Position: Ferret and human iPSC models of brain development and disease, Northwestern University

Posted 10/7/2021

Attention classically-trained developmental biologists working in non-traditional model systems! Are you interested to join our developmental neurobiology team with a focus on mammalian brain development, as well as human disease models? Current NIH funded projects examine ion flux in the prenatal brain, specifically as is relates to brain malformations. For more info please see

Research methods you can learn during your postdoc: 2-photon imaging, single cell sequencing (transcriptome/ATAC), cerebral organoid generation, High content confocal microscopy, patch-clamp, calcium/voltage imaging, ferret in utero model.

Prospective applicants can send an email to richard.smith at with a CV, cover letter, and list of 3 references. We are excited to meet you!

Last Updated 10/07/2021