Postdoc at Brown University (Providence, RI) for Cell and Developmental Biology

Posted 10/4/2021

Senior Ph.D. students are welcome to apply for this position. We are looking to hire full-time Postdoctoral fellows who conduct their independent research under PI’s supervision.

In our group, two major projects are currently undertaken:

  1. Cell and Developmental Biology: Identifying how germline factors contribute to cellular functions and development, using sea urchin embryonic cells and human cancer cells.
  2. Evolutionary Developmental Biology: Discovering how molecular evolution alters the developmental program and contributes to species diversity, using multiple echinoderm embryos.

Both projects require skills in cell biology, developmental biology, and live imaging such as microinjection, optogenetic manipulations of a protein, and 4D-confocal imaging. Experience in Biochemistry and bioinformatics is also highly encouraged. The PI will provide necessary training both in experiments and manuscript writing.

Creative and independent thinking is critical at the level of postdoc. Although the positions will be primarily supported by the PI’s lab funds, the PI is also willing to help postdocs construct fellowship proposals to secure their independence and career development.

Interested individuals should contact the PI: Please enclose your CV, Cover letter, and reprints of your representative works (if any). Reviews will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

Last Updated 10/04/2021