Alert on a new NIH RFI and need for SDB community and colleagues to respond!


The purpose of this NIH Request for Information (RFI) on User Experience with Scientific Data Sources and Tools (NOT-OD-21-182) is to seek input from the scientific community to advance the fundamental understanding of experiences in using scientific data sources and tools.  The request covers a variety of data sources but only specifically mentions the Flybase model organism database.  It is especially important that the developmental biology research community submit their input about the utility and value of model organism databases (MODs).  There seems to be considerable sentiment at NIH favoring consolidating bioinformatics data resources for model organisms, potentially even into a single NIH-run database.  A lack of response from the research community emphasizing the utility and high value of MODs tailored to and responsive to the needs of their specific research communities might be used to justify further consolidations or elimination of investigator run MODs.  Current NIH-funded data resources are: Alliance of Genomic Resources, Flybase, MGI (mice), RGD (rat), SGD (yeast), Worm Base, ZFIN, GO Consortium, Xenbase, Echinobase, Aviport/GEISHA Please submit your comments by October 15, 2021 to:

Last Updated 09/10/2021