Apply to Speak at the SDB 80th Annual Meeting Education Workshop


Do you have experience in implementing and effectively delivering inclusive online laboratories at the College/University level?  The Society for Developmental Biology is hosting a workshop at their 80th Annual Meeting this July and is looking for individuals who can share their experiences in this area.

We are interested in selecting 3-4 individuals who can present a short 7-minute talk broadly describing their experiences in online teaching labs. This could include a brief description of the online laboratory, comments on the personal lessons they learned (both good and bad) through the implementation process, and/or ideas of what they would do differently next time when utilizing an online laboratory. Please note, the individuals do not have to be specifically instructing a developmental biology online lab. Overall, we are interested in creating a conversation about strategies to successfully offer any online laboratory in a remote learning environment.

If you have implemented an online laboratory and would like to be considered for a short talk in the workshop, please fill out the following Google form to indicate your interest. The deadline for submitting your interest in presenting in this workshop is May 15, 2021.

Ultimately, we hope that this discussion will lead to a community of resources available to the SDB members and others regarding best practices for implementing online laboratories.  A long-term goal of this workshop is to develop shareable resources (i.e.- laboratories) that community members could utilize and implement if they so choose.

Thank you in advance for your time and participation in this important area. For additional questions regarding this e-mail and the workshop, please contact either of the workshop co-chairs, Ed Freeman ( or Anna Allen (

Professional Development and Education Committee
Society for Developmental Biology

Last Updated 04/16/2021