Postdoc, Department of Pathology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Posted 12/4/2020

The Chuong lab seeks a highly motivated fellow to study the epigenetic basis of tissue patterns.

To study the epigenetic basis of skin regional specificity, we use the feather model because of its distinct regional phenotypes. Both epidermal stem cells and dermal papilla are studied.

1) How region-specific feather morphologies are made. Chang et al. The Making of a Flight Feather Cell 179: 1409, 2019. Various feather types derived from epidermal stem cells provide a great opportunity to study the molecular control of functional forms.

2) Region-specific regulation of keratin gene cluster in keratinocytes. Liang et al. Folding Keratin Gene Clusters during Skin Regional Specification Dev. Cell 561, 2020. The work breaks new ground on how high order chromatin configuration can regulate the beta-keratin gene cluster (members of epidermal differentiation complex) to generate complexity.

3) Dermal control. Body wide dermal codes are mapped with RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, scRNA seq, and methylome analyses. Candidate molecule roles are functionally tested by expression studies, lentivirus-mediated gene mis-expression, promoter-reporter, high order chromatin technology, etc.

Contact information:  Please send a curriculum vitae, personal statement on research and 3 references to Dr. Chuong (

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