Postdoc Position In The Hehnly Lab Studying The Role Of Cell Division In Tissue Morphogenesis, Syracuse University Biology Department, Syracuse, NY

Posted 11/10/2020

The position of research post doc is available in the Syracuse University Biology Department in the Hehnly lab. Responsibilities include conducting experiments and data analyses, coordinating research efforts, assuming a role of leadership in the lab, training graduate and undergraduate students, and the preparation of manuscripts for publication, and dissemination of research at national and international conferences. The Hehnly lab studies the interface between cytoskeletal dynamics and membrane transport and defines how they co-regulate one another to control essential cellular processes such as cell division, fate, and polarity. Strong organizational skills, self-motivation, excellent oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively within a diverse, multi-disciplinary research group are essential. Responsibilities include tissue culture, microscopy, supervised and independent research on cilia formation during KV development using zebrafish, mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, and preparing research findings for publication.

Last Updated 11/10/2020