Post-Doctoral Research Associate, The Siegrist Lab, Department of Biology, The University of Virginia

Posted 11/6/2020

The Siegrist Lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Virginia seeks a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to study genetic regulation of neural stem cell proliferation during development using vertebrate and invertebrate model systems. Potential research projects include investigating the genetic basis of nutrient-dependent regulation of neural stem cell quiescence versus proliferation, temporal patterning and neurogenesis termination upon developmental completion, and investigation of developmental plasticity and neuron composition in brains of wild-caught animals. Methods used in the lab include live imaging of fluorescent transgenic animals and imaging of fluorescently-labeled fixed specimens using laser scanning, spinning disk, and light sheet confocal microscopy, use of forward and reverse genetics with design of new alleles using CRISPR technology, next generation sequencing technologies, including single cell transcriptional profiling, and basic biochemical techniques. The Biology department at UVA is highly interactive with outstanding facilities and provides an excellent training environment for ambitious scientists at all career stages. Historical strengths within the department include developmental biology, with focus on morphogenesis and pattern formation. Today, departmental strength continues in cell and developmental biology, with additional departmental and across ground strengths in the fields of neuroscience, cancer biology, molecular genetics, and ecology and evolution.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Sarah E Siegrist,

Last Updated 11/06/2020