FASEB Catalyst Conferences


A new program is joining the FASEB Science Research Conferences series: Catalyst Conferences. These short, virtual meetings are intended to help foster communities in emerging areas of biology. Offered during the SRC "off season" (October through April), Catalyst Conferences will

  •     Test new topic areas for potential conferences
  •     Make the case for support from new sponsors for an emerging topic
  •     Allow junior researchers to gain the skills and confidence they need to become future SRC organizers

Catalyst Conferences provide researchers an opportunity to choose between two levels of entry based on expected attendance and funds raised:

  •     Entry level: A half-day virtual program with a minimum of 100 attendees, no fundraising goals, and no registration fees
  •     Advanced level: Two consecutive half-day virtual programs with a minimum of 125 attendees, a $500 fundraising goal, and a registration fee of $50 ($25 for students). If $5,000 is raised, registration is free for all participants.

Advanced-level conferences that meet attendance and fundraising goals will be encouraged to move to the next level of the program, a full-fledged SRC. Entry-level conferences will have an opportunity to move up to an advanced-level Catalyst Conference.

Conferences of either level that do not meet attendance and fundraising goals will be allowed a second attempt within a 12-month period.


Last Updated 10/23/2020