Research Technician/Assistant, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Posted 7/21/2020

The Forsthoefel Lab seeks an individual to join our effort to understand fundamental and medically relevant mechanisms of regeneration, using the intestine of planarian flatworms as a model. Responsibilities will be balanced between research (~75%) and laboratory maintenance (~25%). Research responsibilities will include assessing gene expression and function during regeneration using in situ hybridization, RNA interference, and microscopy. Laboratory maintenance responsibilities will include care and expansion of the lab's planarian colony, ordering supplies, reagent preparation, and general organization.

Minimum qualifications include a BA/BS degree in one of the biological sciences or equivalent years of professional, paid, relevant laboratory experience. Preferred qualifications include experience in laboratory animal care, histology/immunolabeling, in situ hybridization, molecular biology (PCR, DNA electrophoresis), sterile technique, microscopy, and/or basic bioinformatics (e.g., BLAST, Geneious).

OMRF is an independent, not-for-profit biomedical research institute adjacent to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) campus in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City offers a dynamic and flourishing downtown area, with low cost of living, short commute times and a diversified economy.

Last Updated 07/21/2020