Postdoctoral position and Research Associate position in nervous system development and function, University of South Florida, Tampa

Posted 6/11/2020

One Post doc and one Research Associate position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Krishna Bhat at University of South Florida, Tampa

We focus on the following areas of research:

  1. Determining the genetic basis for the self renewing stem cell and terminal asymmetric divisions of neural precursor cells
  2. Guidance of longitudinal and commissural axon tracts
  3. Adult brain development, function and neurodegenerative diseases.

Please refer to Manavalan et al, Science Signaling 2017 and KM Bhat, Plos Genetics 2017 for recent research.

For the postdoctoral position we are looking for individuals who have recently completed Ph.D. or are near completion and have expertise in Drosophila genetics and/or in molecular biology.  For the Research Associate position we are looking for individuals with a Bachelors or Masters degree and laboratory experience in the area of Biological Sciences.

To apply email your CV to:

Tampa is a large cosmopolitan city with very nice weather and low living expenses.

Last Updated 06/11/2020