Postdoctoral Associate, The Munnamalai Lab, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

Posted 6/9/2020

The Munnamalai Lab at The Jackson Laboratory seeks a postdoctoral researcher to join our group in the identification of gene networks downstream of signaling pathways that are involved in the patterning and development of the inner ear.

The successful candidate will use molecular biology and genomic approaches to study gene regulation and cell fate determination. Experience with mouse models is not required. However, a strong command of molecular biology techniques is required. The postdoctoral associate will learn to use in vitro organotypic cultures, in utero electroporation, and mouse genetics to study signaling and gene regulation. Research projects involve generation of transgenic mouse lines; generation and maintenance of mouse models of inner ear development; and characterization of molecular and cellular phenotypes of genetic mutants.

Requirements: Ph.D. in biological or life sciences; first-authored publication(s) in peer reviewed journals. Strong training background in genetics, molecular biology, development and/or cell biology preferred. Prior research on mouse models is a plus, but not required. Ability to plan, analyze and execute an independent research project is essential, as well as exceptional verbal and written communication skills. The ideal candidate should be bench-intensive, self-motivated, and intellectually driven.

Contact person:  Vidhya Munnamalai, Ph.D. (

Last Updated 06/09/2020