Announcing Society for Developmental Biology Trainee Science Communication Award!


The Society for Developmental Biology is proud to announce the establishment of the new Society for Developmental Biology Trainee Science Communication Award! This award specifically acknowledges great science communication and outreach efforts by Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student or Postdoctoral members of the Society for Developmental Biology.

Contributions will be construed in the broadest context and may include, but are not limited to, teaching and communicating developmental biology and related areas of science; organizing outreach programs; or developing activities, tools, or media to improve science literacy, engagement, appreciation, or access to careers in science. Work must be initiated and spearheaded by the trainee and may not be part of another program developed or organized by a mentor, advisor, more senior person, or another group.

The recipient will deliver a short presentation about the awarded work at the SDB annual meeting.

Call for Nominations
Nominations are now being accepted for the SDB Trainee Science Communication Award! All candidates must be SDB members and be nominated by at least two SDB members in good standing. Remember to renew your SDB membership prior to submitting a nomination packet.

Nominations Deadline: April 15, 2020 11:59 PM ET

Last Updated 06/02/2020