Graduate Student position in Cardiovascular Development, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Posted 1/23/2020

The Schumacher Lab at Miami University (Oxford, OH, USA) has one open position for a graduate student (MS or PhD candidate) starting in Fall 2020. Research in the Schumacher Lab focuses on cardiovascular development using zebrafish as a model. Graduate students will be trained in embryology, molecular biology, genetics, and genome editing techniques. Two of the primary questions currently addressed in the lab are:

  1. How are specific cell types within the cardiovascular system formed?
  2. How do these cells collectively arrange themselves into proper structures either in   the heart or in the blood vessels?

More information can be found at:
Research at Miami University is well supported by excellent core facilities, including the Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, the Center for Advanced Microscopy, and Laboratory Animal Resources. There are several options for graduate student admissions, including the Biology graduate program and the Cell, Molecular and Structural Biology graduate program (MS or PhD degree options). Graduate student stipends are supported by teaching assistantships or research assistantships.
To apply, please send a letter describing your research interests, CV or resume, and contact information for three references to Dr. Jennifer Schumacher (

Last Updated 01/23/2020