Post-doc position in GRNs controlling cell identity and morphogenesis in molluscs, U.C. San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Posted 1/13/2020

The Lyons Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is recruiting a Postdoctoral Scholar to support research projects funded by an NIH MIRA award.  The Lyons Lab ( focuses on cell type differentiation and morphogenesis with a particular interest in how these processes evolve.  The postdoc will contribute to our lab’s goal to build the first comprehensive developmental gene regulatory networks (GRN) controlling early events in molluscan development (e.g. germ-layer segregation, organizer signaling, and gastrulation).  GRN analysis (both experimental and synthetic) will be carried out in the marine slipper snail Crepidula.  The postdoc can take advantage of a growing tool kit for functional genomics in Crepidula, and new marine transgenic facilities.  In collaboration with Dr. Lyons the postdoc will be responsible for leading an independent project of mutual interest that aligns with the postdoc’s career goals.  The postdoc will join a motivated group of students, staff, and postdocs who are interested in cell and developmental biology of marine organisms. We are seeking talented applicants who have a Ph.D. degree (or are close to earning one), and training in molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, bioinformatics, etc.  Candidates with expertise in cis-regulatory element analysis, network inference, and bioinformatics are encouraged to apply.

Last Updated 01/13/2020