Call for Submission of Ideas for a New Society for Developmental Biology Logo


At the SDB 78th Annual Meeting, the membership voted during the Townhall to re-design the SDB logo. As such, we are calling on our members to submit ideas for the new logo. We will gather submissions from the membership and hire a professional designer to make the final design, acknowledging contributor(s).

Submission Procedure
Deadline:  11: 59 PM (ET) Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Submit via Jotform HERE:
Logo Concept Design Format: PDF. File name should include "SDBLogo" followed by contributor(s)'s last name. Please include contributor(s) name(s) on the PDF page with the Logo Concept Design.

1. Versatility – A logo has many potential applications. It should work in color or in black and white. It should work when it’s imprinted on something as small as a pen and as large as billboard. It should work on web pages, social media, etc.
2. Timelessness – A well-designed logo can last for decades. Avoid the use of over stylized fonts or design gimmicks like gradients or drop shadows that are fated to go in and out of style.
3. Simplicity – The most effective logos are the simplest. A logo should be legible, iconic. A logo is a stamp that provides a visual clue to our Society’s name and/or purpose.
4. Uniqueness – The purpose of a logo is to create a visual representation of our Society that distinguishes us from all other scientific societies. In other words, we need a logo that is unique. The logo has to be simple yet convey the mission of our Society. Such uniqueness can come from design attributes such as the name, color, fonts, shape and composition. Keep in mind, logos aren’t meant to be literal, they should be a window into the activities and focus of our society, i.e., developmental biology in all of its manifestations.

1.    This is not a logo competition.  There are no winners.  There is no prize.
2.    We are looking for concept art, not a fully-realized design.  All accepted concepts will be handed off to a professional designer.
3.    Thus, members with even vague concepts or ideas should feel free to submit them (even if they can’t draw it, they can describe it) 
4.    We reserve the right not to use any member-submitted design in whole or in part.
5.    There is no expectation that we will hire or enlist the submitter to fully realize their concept into a final design.
6.    Sometimes the best logos come from combining multiple designs.  There is no guarantee a singular concept design will be the logo.
7.    SDB reserves the right to modify, combine, and change any concept designs as we see fit to create the logo.
8.    The original submitter does not retain rights to their logo design as it will likely be modified.

If you have any questions, please contact SDB at  or call 301-634-7815 (M-F, 8:30 AM - 5 PM ET).

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