Research Assistant I, II, or III - Biology, Ecology, and Evolution of Aging and Maternal Effects, Marine Biological Laboratory, Chicago

Posted 8/29/2019

The MBL seeks a highly motivated individual to join the laboratory of Dr. Kristin Gribble.  The successful applicant will contribute to our projects on the biology of aging, maternal effects on offspring health and lifespan, life history, evolution, and ecology using an aquatic invertebrate model system. Information about our research may be found at:
Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to, designing and conducting experiments, rotifer and phytoplankton culture, PCR, qPCR, protein extraction and analysis, microscopy, data entry and analysis, and general laboratory maintenance and organization.

Applicants should have a B.A./B.S., or M.A/M.S. in biology, cell/molecular biology, biochemistry, or a related field. The ideal candidate will have one or more years of experience working in a research laboratory and will be familiar with standard laboratory practices and equipment. An understanding of basic molecular biology concepts is important.

Apply on the MBL website and provide the following required documents:
1.     Cover letter describing your interests, skills, prior research experience, and motivation for joining the lab;
2.     Curriculum vitae;
3.     The names and contact information for three references (Please do not send letters at this time; we will contact references directly).

Last Updated 08/29/2019