Postdoctoral fellow in kidney organogenesis, The Rogosin Institute, New York City

Posted 8/9/2019

The Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at the Rogosin Institute is searching for a talented and highly motivated individual interested in understanding how we can apply our understanding of kidney developmental biology to generating new tissue from stem- and primary cells. The goal of the lab is to generate kidney tissue that faithfully reproduces adult kidney functions when engrafted into experimental animals. Projects are flexible, and will take advantage of the applicant’s expertise and interests. Skills in stem cell culture, organ culture, physiological measurement, microscopy, and rodent surgery would be great assets. Strong cell culture skills are a requirement. The Rogosin Institute Kidney Regenerative Medicine Laboratory headed by Dr. Leif Oxburgh is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the large biomedical campus consisting of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York Blood Center, Weill-Cornell Medical College and Rockefeller University. Facilities are outstanding and the local academic environment will provide top-notch training and networking opportunities. The lab works very collaboratively within the field of kidney development and regenerative medicine, both locally and nationally/internationally. The Rogosin Institute offers competitive employment packages adjusted for the cost of living in New York.

Interested individuals should provide curriculum vitae, a brief description of their research interests, and the names of three references to Dr. Leif Oxburgh, Scientific Director & VP for Research, The Rogosin Institute at

Last Updated 08/09/2019